With more than 30 years’ experience operating businesses in Australia we know planning is the best way to succeed and reach any corporate goal. We offer tailored business plans and proposals including those requiring 1-5 year cashflow projections, consulting to individuals at start-up and mature companies going through change management.

Your business plan should:

  • Enhance businesses
  • Help to develop a business idea and/or a project
  • Present businesses and projects to governmental institutions, banks and investors
  • Review financial objectives and expansion projects
  • Support migration applications
  • Support budgeting and capital requirement provisions
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Assess the effect of macroeconomic developments
  • Support managerial decisions and strategies
  • Monitor market changes
  • Analyse risks and their effects

Teneo Consulting deals with professionals in fields such as statistics, finance, law and business management; our people are our strength and use the best knowledge to give you the light that you need to drive your business into the uncertain future.

Documents are tailored to your requirements, industry and objectives and

  • The company in the Australian market
  • Market research:
    •  Industry profile
    • Trends of the market
    • Regulations
  • Feasibility study:
    • Expansion projects
    • Niche market opportunities
    • Estimated capital requirements for future expansion projects
  • Estimation of cash flows for three years
  • Bound hard copy and email delivery

Migration Agent Details (if applicable):